Unemployment Cover

Unemployment Cover

This policy is designed to pay a monthly amount to you if you have an accident, become sick or are made unemployed. It can give you the peace of mind in the event of unemployment,sicknesses or accidents. Nobody can predict what will happen in the future, therefore, it’s important to consider taking out suitable mortgage protection which can give you the security of knowing that if the unexpected happens, you are prepared for it. Many standard mortgages do not have any protection insurance included, so it’s important to decide what kind of separate coverage you will need.

Accident, sickness and unemployment cover insures you against changes in your circumstances due to redundancy, disability, or illness. Usually, these payments are made after 30 consecutive days of non-working, up to a maximum of 12 months. Talk to your adviser for more information or if you want longer-term cover.

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Unemployment Insurance Q&As

What is an Accident Sickness and Unemployment policy?

An ASU policy is designed to pay you monthly payments for a period of either 12 or 24 months depending upon the length of term of the policy you set up. This is different to Income protection where an Accident Sickness or Unemployment policy will only potentially pay out for a maximum of 12 or 24 months or whenever you return to work, whichever happens sooner. The Income Protection policy pays out for the rest of the policy term or until you return to work so that could be for more than 24 months.

What could result in a unsuccessful claim on your ASU Policy?

ASU is policy is designed to pay you a monthly income for a short period of time if because 1. You lost your job which was not your fault 2. You have had an accident and are unable to work 3. You are to ill to work from becoming ill

How can I cut the cost of the Accident Sickness and Unemployment cover policy?

To ensure you get excellent value for money when buying an ASU policy, it is always best to compare a range of insurance providers. Our insurance experts will search the whole of the market for you and advise you of the cost of the policies and what they cover.

What is the difference between an Accident Sickness and Unemployment policy and an Income Protection Policy?

There are a couple of differences between these two policies: 1. The ASU policy will pay out for only 12 or 24 months depending on which policy you take 2. The other main difference is an ASU policy covers for Unemployment where an Income Protection Policy does not

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