Whole Of Life Insurance (Funeral Plan)

Whole Of Life Cover

This policy is designed to pay a cash lump sum upon the death of the person insured. There is no end date or “term” for this policy. You need to keep up the monthly premiums so it will stay in force and pay a lump sum to the surviving family or loved ones.

A great insurance policy sometimes referred to as a funeral plan. Most people take one later on in life to cover funeral expenses. Not to be confused with over 50’s plans as they are not the same. A whole of life policy may be taken out under the age of 50.

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Whole Of Life Cover Q&As

What is whole of life cover?

Whole of life cover is a life insurance policy which is designed to pay a cash lump sum to your children, spouse or beneficiaries when the person insured dies, providing the premiums are up to date. It is designed to last your who life if you keep up payments of the monthly premiums until you die.

Whole of life who does it cover?

Whole of life covers the person insured.

Where can I get whole of life cover?

There are several providers of whole of life cover. To get a quote from the whole market place please get in touch with our experts. There are insurers like Legal and General or Aviva and many more.

Who provides Whole of Life cover?

There are several insurers who provide Whole of life cover. Some include AIG, Aviva and Legal and General.

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