What if I die after purchasing a Help to Buy home?

This depends on whether you bought your home alone or with others.
If you bought the house/flat on your own and you die, the home will be passed on in the normal way under the terms of your will and the payments explained in the Help to Buy guide will be made by your estate in accordance with the scheme. If you have not made a will it will pass under the laws of intestacy.
We recommend a sole buyer seeks independent legal advice about this.
If you bought your home with others and one of them dies, their interest in the property will either be transferred to the surviving co-owner (s) or will pass under the terms of their will, or (if there is no will) the laws of intestacy. The easiest way to ensure it is passed to the other owner is to put in place a life assurance policy. For more information about life insurance please either speak with your adviser or check out our insurances section on our website www.mortgagesavingexperts.com. We can arrange this for you and your adviser will advise you on this during the process of you purchasing your Help to Buy home
It is recommended that where there are two or more owners, they seek independent legal advice about this.