You should be aware that like most things in life if it’s too good to be true then sometimes it is. For example, various comparison websites may show you lists of deals are great, but are those deals ones you can apply for?

There may be an underlying issue which you may not think are relevant to doing the mortgage, for example, the lender may not be able to lend you as much as you need because some lend more than others, or, you may have a freehold flat with no lease which narrows the number of lenders you can potentially use. These websites do not show you all the “lending criteria” of each lender. So, if you do manage to apply for the mortgage and something comes up during your application which does not fit within the lenders criteria then you could have paid out good money to be declined. Therefore, it is always best to speak with a professional.

Let’s face it, your adviser must justify to you and the FCA exactly why they have recommended the deal they have.

Another example of criteria that may hinder you in using ANY lender on the market are types of income or types of property. It is ALWAYS worth a conversation with a professional to see what deals are available to you. A professional experienced mortgage adviser will have an idea of where you can potentially obtain a mortgage within a few minutes of talking to you. Click here to Get in Touch with an adviser to call you or call us whenever you are ready. It doesn’t cost anything to talk to someone

I do not mean to sound like the voice of doom, but it may transpire that you apply for that mortgage and it goes through without any problem.

TIP: ALWAYS call the lender before you apply for the mortgage and part with any money to discuss all aspects of your situation to them because that way you find out up front whether your application is likely to go through or not. This is exactly what a broker will do for you